Saturday, November 26, 2016

World's Greatest Teacher

There are too many happy things, bad things or some worse things happen in our life. But we can’t learn from that things. But the exact meaning of life is learn from that situations and be really educated. There is no one who teaches how to live life, better than “experience”.  Everyday we did some mistakes, and repeat them daily. That’s why our life is so boring and frustrating.

Iets take an example of Mr. Thomas Edison who invented light bulb. He failed 99 times in his experiment. But when someone ask him you failed many times in you experiment and you are still experimenting. Then he gives the greatest answer ever  that, “ i am not failed in my experiment, now i know that 99 things can’t gives us light?. That is called “experience”.

If you did some mistakes in your life. Please find  where you were wrong and next time calm your mind and think about that that mistake i am sure you won’t do it again.

So keep smilling. Be good hearted. Faith on something be grateful for that. And your life is awesome.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One step law

From few years, I was very frustrate about my life. I don’t  understand what to do or not. I searched on web too many inspirational videos, movies, blogs. But that doesn’t matter on my personal life. I just can’t understand too many thing from life. And its affecting on my personal thinking. There are too many people like me in this world who doesn’t care about their life and their future. They really don’t no where to go and what to do. Just read this story of a old women and think always positive.

There was a women who lives in a small village. She was above eighty. From her childhood she was very positive thinking women. once a man in a village ask her “can you walk 100 km”. She said yes i can. The man told her you can’t walk without your stick and how could you walk 100km. She said i can’t walk 100 km at once but i can start with one step. And someday i will reach my 100 km goal.

 This is just a common story but it inspire us to live, to make our goals. Just don’t care about anyone like what he or she think about me, because it doesn’t matter . just set your goals and reach them with passion. This is the one step formula. Don’t think too much just apply it to achieve your impossible looking goal.