Saturday, November 26, 2016

World's Greatest Teacher

There are too many happy things, bad things or some worse things happen in our life. But we can’t learn from that things. But the exact meaning of life is learn from that situations and be really educated. There is no one who teaches how to live life, better than “experience”.  Everyday we did some mistakes, and repeat them daily. That’s why our life is so boring and frustrating.

Iets take an example of Mr. Thomas Edison who invented light bulb. He failed 99 times in his experiment. But when someone ask him you failed many times in you experiment and you are still experimenting. Then he gives the greatest answer ever  that, “ i am not failed in my experiment, now i know that 99 things can’t gives us light?. That is called “experience”.

If you did some mistakes in your life. Please find  where you were wrong and next time calm your mind and think about that that mistake i am sure you won’t do it again.

So keep smilling. Be good hearted. Faith on something be grateful for that. And your life is awesome.

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